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Why Artificial Turf ?

You must have seen it in a sports stadium, outside commercial properties and maybe even in your neighbour’s yard but what is artificial Grass?

Here is a glance for you to understand your ground better and how is it benefiting to employ Gallant Sports for these works. 

 Artificial turf

What is artificial turf?

Artificial turf is a surfacing material used to replicate grass. It is generally practised in areas where natural grass cannot grow, or in areas where grass maintenance is unlikely or undesired. The artificial turf of the sports variety is used mainly in sports stadiums and play arenas, but can also be found on recreational playgrounds and other spaces. 

Even if it rains,  the field is playable immediately once the rain stops, without any worries about slush or mud.  The base drainage system can be used to create a harvesting facility for the institution. As a country, we are facing an existential water crisis and artificial turf is the perfect solution to use in playfields, without any watering to keep them functional.

Artificial turf is made up of synthetic fibres made look like real grass. With the technological evolution since the last thirty years of its manufacturing, the range available today is practically the same as natural grass.  Gallant Sports builds for all kinds of sports applications like cricket, football, hockey and so on.

Nowadays, it has opened wedges into residential and commercial landscaping as well.

Gallant Sports

 Why Gallant?

 Gallant sports has an exclusive partnership with CCG – the World’s Largest Turf Manufacturer and Enlio sports flooring, again one of the top-level  sports surfaces manufacturers in the world 

The flooring solutions extend to games like football, cricket, badminton, volleyball, tennis, handball, basketball, hockey, all of which can be customized for the bespoke needs of an institute, residential complex, or schools. 

Gallant sports renders cemented areas and terraces as well with 7  years of warranty and 10 years of maintenance-free life offering the same playing experience year after year.

Gallant Sports Artificial turf

 One-Stop Solution For  All

Owing to the sheer possibilities in the multi-purpose sports fields, we offer comprehensive solutions helping you choose the right indoor and outdoor surface options and our services include designing, crafting, and maintaining the facility as well. Gallant takes away the painstaking designing process while providing best-in-class installation capabilities to ensure strong playability over time.

When you choose Gallant, you are accessing world-class products, best-in-class proficient and precise consultancy, and high performing, skilled installation professionals all under one roof.

Think Sports. Think Gallant !!


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