The Next-gen Sports Infrastructure Solution

What plays a crucial role in achieving the best in the arena of global sports is the infrastructure of sports. It always gives a push in bringing up sportspersons of international repute and encourages the youth of a country like ours to participate in activities of sports to create a satisfying culture of sports. India doesn’t have a good standard of sports infrastructure, mostly, because of several reasons.

One of the major impediments is the lack of infrastructural facilities, during the process of enhancement of sports in India. Let’s propose a possible road map for the development of sports infrastructure but also analyze the present state of the sports infrastructure of the country, through this article.

In these years we have observed a phenomenal upsurge in Indian sports with the staging of some major events like the Commonwealth Games 2010, Hockey World Cup and Cricket World Cup, and the winning of medals by our sportspersons in international competitions.

We know about all the success achieved and followed, but we cannot forget how the infrastructure of sports is not at the desired level. This hinders the development of sports, creates a negative impact on every person who joins sports and the country has to face a lot of problems with a lack of infrastructure. It might sound like a small issue but neglect to these affect a major chunk of the country.

The following notions can be followed for the development of sports infrastructure in the country and make our country more powerful in terms of sports:


  • Regarding the future of sports we must dedicate on arranging a land bank for the setting up of sports infrastructure and make it a priority.
  • The PPP model can be adopted, in which the government can provide institutional and financial support according to the suitability. This will surely build the infrastructure and the private sector will manage and maintain its operations. This cannot be a failure if the approach is followed correctly.
  • Commercial aspects play an important and influential role for building sports infrastructure, to introduce various commercial aspects, such as selling the Naming Rights, Hospitality Packages and branding inside the sports arena (Hockey field turf, artificial turf for football), stadiums, including the perfect cricket pitches, near running track floor, basketball courts. Branding can also be done in Badminton courts, to make these facilities financially sustainable.
  • To follow these facilities for multiple purposes, for instance, exhibitions can be organized, conferences or for the setting up of sports academies
  • To use these infrastructural facilities freely for the use of the public, measures should be tried against membership fees.

These mentioned solutions may help in overcoming the problems our country faces in the area of sports infrastructure. A prerequisite for implementing the solutions can become, firstly a change in the mindset of the decision-makers in sports, politics and related fields. Secondly, the implementation must be right with no corruption towards games, no unfair means should be followed. Please visit for more information.

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