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Sports Infrastructure : Transforming the Indian Sports

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it”Heywood Bound

Many People believe that Sports is an old nemesis to academic advancement and that people with a keen interest in sports cannot excel in academics. This myth surrounding sports has made parents reluctant and fearful to let their children devote time to games.

Gallant Sports is on a long way from breaking down this presumed rivalry and change the mindset of the parents. Making sports an indispensable element in school-days comes with a lot of other benefits than you think.

Gallant specializes in making arenas to absolutely integral equipment for all sorts of sporting requirements. 

Sports Arena

Multi-Sport Facility

Setting up a school with the best sports facility is a challenging task that involves huge investment in terms of time and capital. It is unlikely that everyone likes the same sport; hence the primary challenge is to provide a multi-sport facility. And with space and budget as a constraint, there is also a compelling need to use the same facility for non-sports usage as well. Every school looks at using such surfaces in multiple activities, thereby deriving multi-dimensional ROI.

With the growing popularity of sports and fitness in India, schools would spare no effort to have a world-class sports infrastructure. Indian students are now competing in the international arena and school are trying to keep up with the international standard of sports training.

multi-sport facility

What We Do

Gallant sports addresses these concerns in several ways. 

One very popular choice for multi-sport and multi-purpose products is our next-generation artificial turf. We have more than 200 successful projects across the world, spanning every type of facility. People admire it because of its versatility in usage and low-maintenance aspects.

The other creation is interlocking sport tiles, meant for multi-sport indoors or outdoors. These are in partnership with Enlio that offers the best-in-class flooring catering to various sports. Having gained international experience, working across a plethora of projects around the globe, Gallant Sports have gained an in-depth understanding of the quality and standards in sporting infra.

sports players

Our Players / Clients /Family

Many institutions and organisations like Delhi Public School-Gurgaon, St. George School-Mussoorie, Google, Flipkart, PWD, Mayo Boys-Ajmer and so on have installed our multi-sport & multi-purpose products. A sports enthusiast deserves the best and these surfaces are that and much more! The range offers a 360-degree satisfaction to all. 

If you are tempted to take up a new sport why not check out our sports section and find a sport to suit your needs and fondness.



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