Infrastructure:The Backbone Of Sports

Infrastructure is the backbone of sports. Several empirical studies have established sports as a beneficial activity having a positive impact on the state of health, education and the economy. UNESCO recognises the practice of sports and physical education as a fundamental right for any human being.

It is a pity that the majority of the youngsters going to schools in India do not get the opportunity to take part in sports due to the lack of infrastructure or even open spaces. We all are waiting for a change in the mindset for improving sports in the country.

multi-sport facility

The passion for sports in India is unrivalled. While cricket keeps on ruling the field, a few different games like football and basketball are making strides. Sports infrastructure is indispensable to the development and extension of games in India as we seek to have mega games and world cups in the future. It not only helps in producing sportspersons of international repute but also encourages the young population of a country to participate in sporting activities with the objective of creating a culture of sports. Presently, India has a growing population keen on witnessing and participating in sports and sporting events. It is therefore important to expand the capabilities and quality of sporting facilities and stadiums to accommodate and encourage this demand, keeping in mind the community, sports development, and economic impact.

Sports Ground

Sports infrastructure plays a crucial role in achieving excellence in the global arena of sports. 

A sport is the simplest form of expression, displaying the tenacity and persistence of the human spirit. Moreover, sports play a significant role in the transformation of communities, societies and nations. In fact, the United Nations has even identified sports as an important enabler for sustainable development.
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Sports in any country is a part of a complex ecosystem involving competitors, sports fans, alliances, privately owned businesses, government bodies and regulatory authority. They assume a significant job in the improvement of games in the nation. When perfectly aligned, these different stakeholders have the potential to drive India’s standing on the global sporting stage by offering high-quality facilities and resources that sustain the love for sports in the country and support the hosting of large sporting events. 


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