Importance Of Maple Hardwood Flooring For Intense Sporting Activity

Maple is the first choice for flooring when it comes to finding the best sports floor system. The majority of the top-notch basketball courts and for that matter, the hardwood gym and sports floor have maple flooring. Although it is usually going out of the notice of a spectator, Quality plays a critical role when it comes to sports. So, what is in the Maple wood that cannot be replaced by any other material, say, walnut.

So presenting below are some quick facts that make maple the ultimate option for intense sporting activity.

  1. Sustainability

Sports flooring goes through a lot of wear and tear regularly. Therefore the wood must be hard so that it is able to sustain long hours of activity. In fact when it comes to hardness, Janka which is the scale that the timber industry uses to rate the hardness of the wood rates Maple as high as 1450! Which is quite high when compared to other kinds of wood such as oak, pine, and walnut. Thus maple can easily prevent damage from intense sports activity.

  1. High Shock Resistance

The high shock-resistant of maple makes it player-friendly as it reduces the damage to the athlete’s joints by absorbing some amount of shock through flexing and bouncing back. This is known as an orthopedic surface. A gym or sports floor needs to have the right amount of giving and flex. Although this bounce is not noticeable yet this resistance to shock provides the right kind of bounce to the ball which is important as far as the installation of multiple sports floors is concerned.

Moreover, the right amount of hardness makes Maple more stable than some harder options like hickory as Maple adjusts with the changing environment by not contracting or expanding too much.

  1. The look of it

Apart from the technical factors, the look and feel of Maple wood make it superior to its other counterparts. Wherever you go in a Badminton court, Tennis courts surface,Cricket pitch,Artificial turf for football,Artificial turf for futsal,Artificial grass for football for a match the alternative shiny and smooth floor never fails to catch your eye. So apart from the longevity of maple, the light color and shine of maple make it more attractive and it is easier to paint all those logos and lines on Maple due to its smooth grainy texture. Another thing that privileges Maple is that it is easier to find. The thriving maple business provides a flexible supply of Maple that makes it easily available in the market.

  1. Importance of subfloor

The top floor is just a small bit of what goes underneath it. The foundation has to be strong for a sustainable and resistant surface. Choosing the right kind of subfloor will help the wood long last and it will also preserve the look and the integrity of the wood.

So now we know why Maple beats all other options! Nonetheless, It will not sustain on its own, The right kind of maintenance will keep the wood healthy for long.


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