A Revolutionary Alternative To Steel Galleries

Modular galleries are one of the revolutionary alternatives to conventional concrete/steel stands, which are also called galleries. These conform to the most crucial European models and being modular and movable makes them more long-lasting as well as fancy.

The idea, design, and patterns using various tools of renowned brands, these instruments meet the most powerful protection measures & provide versatility to configure as per the topography (Outdoor/indoor playground flooring: Cricket pitches, Badminton courts, Tennis courts surface, Basketball court interlocking tiles, Running track floor, Hockey field turf) of the place and the selected layout. Any kind of background would not create a problem, that is the best part about it.

This not only shows changes but provides many different advantages. The main perks of the system are:

  • This solution is revolutionary in every sense, for instance, this does not need any nuts & bolts/welding, hence extra safe and secure for modeling/ dismounting and practicing at various venues, with less or even no possibility of social error.
  • The budget can be one of the main areas of differentiation. You might be thinking if this is a modular alternative, it might be costlier and must have high maintenance. Surprisingly it requires less than half of the cost of a typical concrete/steel arena.
  • This is fast to build, extremely quick with almost: 1,000 seats a day to compile. For instance, if it is built for a school playground, it would hardly take a few days. This feature makes it more efficient as sports can not be stopped for long.
  • This alternative has high durability, in the sense, it will not break down or damage quickly, this will last for longer days. Exceptions are everywhere but it is assured about its durability as this is built with plated steel. Our galleries continue for many decades.
  • These galleries can be relocated with ease and can be installed at several places. If various fields need these in one arena, it can be possible as the installation process is very systematic and powerful.
  • The environment these days is a huge concern that can not be kept at stake. This is an entirely environmentally friendly solution for your sports arena, it is made with 100% recyclable elements. Nobody has to worry about harming nature in any terms.

The Gallant modular galleries have always been applied in different world-class events such as in all-weather sports fields. These galleries are very effective in the rainy season too, so yes, we have the audiences.

People at Gallant Sports are experts with merged expertise and practice of above 14 years and hundreds of world-class projects fortunately produced in over a few nations, Gallant Sports offer this multi-sport and multi-purpose turnkey explication, through giving unique utilization meaning. This meaning gives a whole other level of satisfaction.

There can be various alternatives for basic steel galleries according to the sports arena. Ways of use can be different and can vary in size and shape. All types of solutions are available at gallant sports. Find your choice of materials and designs at www.gallantsports.in.


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